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Madhur - with Dry run Protection

Madhur, is a motor monitor and protection unit for agricultural use. Madhur is specially designed with consideration of requirement from user who needs more than just single phase preventer. The key feature of Madhur is its dry run protection.



Dry run is the state where motor runs without pumping the water. This might be case of non availability of water at pumping source, reduction of water at source, problem in coupling of motor and pump which causes motor to run free and not to pump water. This causes motor to run without use. Some motor may damaged if motor runs longer in such situation.

Madhur is capable of detecting such occurrences and protect motor to run in dry run condition. User can set the dry run situation and how and when Madhur should stop motor from such situation.

With this key feature, Madhur is having starting time delay to protect from fluctuation in mains line. Madhur also monitors supply phases and stops motor to run in single phasing condition and reverse phasing condition.

The key feature of Madhur is to monitor no-load condition and retries to start motor. No load condition is when Madhur requested to start motor but motor doesn’t starts. In this situation, Madhur reties for motor start at defined interval.

These features are well appreciated in industry since its presence in industry. 

Operating voltage


  160 V AC to 525 V AC, 3 phase, 50 Hz

Monitoring parameters


  Dry Run, Pump on, Phase Unbalance, Single Phase,

Starting timer


  Available, Variable, 30 seconds to 5 minutes



  Power, Pump On, Single Phase, Dry Run, Timer, Load Setting



  ON / OFF Switch, Timer setting, Load Setting

Output Control


 DOL Starter, Star Delta Starter (Motor up to 30 HP)