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Nano - Single Phase Preventer (SPP)

 Nano, as name suggests, is the tiny product from Meghdoot Agro. This is also known as Single Phase Preventer (SPP). This product is available in two variants.


For DOL (Direct On Line) Starters –

                This variant is designed for lower capacity pump motors. The lower capacity pump motors classified for the motor which can be operated by DOL (Direct On Line), and usually of up to 7 HP capacity.

For Star-Delta Starters -

                This variant is designed for capacity up to 30 HP pump motors. The motor which are controlled by Star-Delta starters comes under this category. Meghdoot Argo’s Nano supports all major Star-Delta starters available in market.


Operating voltage:

 160 V AC to 525 V AC, 3 phase, 50 Hz

Monitoring parameters:

 Phase Unbalance, Single Phase, Low voltage

Starting timer:

 Available, Variable, 30 secs to 5 mins


 Power, Pump On, Single Phase


 ON / OFF Switch, Timer setting