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Today we are using single phase motor pumps to fill our water tank in apartments, bungalows and homes. However there are fully automatic water level controller are available like “Jaltarang”. However the situation is where people are willing to start the motor however only requirement is to stops the motor when tank is full (for filling in upper tank) or empty (for filling from lower tank) pumps. 


The “Panadya” is low const semi-automatic pump motor controller for mono block electrical pump motors. The user can start the Pump by pressing the ON-OFF key on “Panadya” and “Panadya” takes care of rest. It monitors of Over load, under current (dry run) and level in tank as configured. The “Panadya” is having facility to select tank location and save the tank location for use. If Upper tank is selected for operation, the “Panadya” stops motor when Tank full and if Lower tank selected for operation, the “Panadya” stops motor when tanks found empty.

The “Panadya” starts motor automatically at power up and monitors motor for over load and under current (dry run). The “Panadya” automatically stops motor for any fault condition and restarts it after predefined time. Usually restart time is about an hour for dry run and half hour for over load.

The “Panadya” is user friendly in its operation and setting the load current for proper operation. The setting of Load current or SET current is just long press of SET key when motor starts and stabilizes its current. According to this SET current, the Over load and dry run currents calculated and monitored for fault condition.

The unique feature of Dry run percentage setting from “Meghdoot Agro” is also available with the “Panadya”. The dry run percentage setting is very easy to set. By selecting the position of Dry run percentage, one can easily configure the “Panadya” to stop motor for under current ranging from 10% to 50% of set current.

The “Panadya” is also capable of controlling the motor using small switch available with it avoiding the usage of high capacity switches for ON-OFF of motor irrespective of motor capacity.


Operating voltage


  150 V AC to 270 V AC, 1 phase, 50 Hz

Monitoring parameters


 Pump on, Dry Run, Over load, Dry run percentage

Starting timer


  Not Available



  Power, Pump On, Dry Run, Over load, Setting, Level



  ON / OFF Switch, Dry Run setting, Load Set

Output Control


  Upto 5 HP Mono-block pump motor