Farming is the primary industry in India and irrigation of farm is a major task for farmer in the life cycle of crop development. Water need to move from various sources for irrigation. The various sources are river, underground water, channels etc. In earlier days conventional methods were used to move water but in mechanical era these convention methods were replaced by Diesel engines and in past since few decades’ diesel pumps were replaced by electrical motor pumps.

 As Electrical motor pumps requires various types of control and monitoring mechanism to operate the motor, control and protection system became essential part of Indian farming industry.

We at Meghdoot Agro Industrial Equipment (known as Meghdoot Agro in industry) are committed to control and monitor the electrical motor required for farming industry.

With our various product portfolios, we are serving farming industry since 2005 and have wide penetration in Western and Southern part of Maharashtra.

As we are committed to monitor and control electrical motor, along with farming industry we are also in domestic market for Water Level Controllers.