Aadhar – आधार

Adadhar –  typically known as Phase changer in the market. We at Meghdoot Agro, come with a very unique features for this phase changer available in market. The Cooling – ON. As this system activates when there is loss of phase and additional components connected to run three phase motor, motors starts drawing additional current. Which may rise the temperature of motor causing damage to motor.

To prevent this damage, in this special mode we at Meghdoot added a special feature called Cooling. This helps motor to cool down while running in phase loss. However depending on the user requirement, this feature can be turned on and off.

  • Operates from 270 VAC to 470 VAC
  • Single preventer
  • Automatic switching – 2 phase to 3 phase and vice versa
  • Cooling ON – OFF feature
  • Dry-run protection
  • Over current protection
  • Auto restart after dry run protection and over current protection
  • Disable 2 phase / 3 phase converter (uses as standard auto switch)
  • No-load protection and retry
  • Settable starting timer
  • Bypass option available
  • Two variants – with and without dry run protection
Ankur (अंकुर) / Khatka (खटका)
Chatak – चातक
Sahyadri – सह्याद्री