Ankur / Khatka

Ankur and Khatka are the two products which are very low cost and having basic functionality required by the users. Typically these products cater the requirement of situations where no other features required.

However both product have settable staring starting timer which can be digitally controlled from 30 seconds to 5 minute as per users need. The main function of these product single phasing detection and protection. Both of these product in very basic in nature.

Ankur and Khatka comes with bypass functionality which helps user to bypass this protection in case of any mal-function in the device. Which helps user to continue there motor without changing wiring of motor.

  • Operates from 270 VAC to 470 VAC
  • Single preventer
  • Settable starting timer ( 30 seconds to 5 minutes)
  • Bypass option available
Chatak – चातक Sahyadri – सह्याद्रीAadhar – आधार