Pankya – पाणक्या

Pankya – (पाणक्या ) is specially designed to control for open-well submersible motor for pumps. We are having options is Pankya which is suitable for single capacitor (technically – capacitor run) motors. Pankya comes with auto functionality which servers the purpose of auto start after power loss / cycle, error conditions like dry run and over current situation.

Pankya Monitor – is a model which is used for semi automatic level controller, where Pankya stops motors depending on the level of tank. Pankya Monitor can be configured to be used with over head tank where tank filling is required and need to stop motor once level reached or with lower / under ground tank where motor needs protection to stop once tank level reaches to defined low level – usually above the motor level.

  • Specification
    • Operates from 180 VAC to 270 VAC
    • Dry run detection and prevention
    • Simple to set working current (Press to Set)
    • Dry run % setting from (15% to 50%)
    • Settable starting timer (30 seconds to 5 minutes)
    • Bypass option available
    • Auto – suitable up to 1.5 HP open-well submersible motor
    • 1C – suitable up to 5 HP open-well submersible motor
    • Auto / Manual selection
    • Single button On / Off operation