Pinga – पिंगा

Pinga – , is range of cyclic timers. As we know, there are application where we need equipment, control system, electric panel, AC’s and long list of controls to be turned ON and turned OFF periodically. To serve this purpose, we at Meghdoot Agro, having various range of cyclic timers.

Pinga (पिंगा) : This is a basic model of cyclic timer. This model allows user to set ON time and OFF time ranging from 00:05 minutes to 23:55 minutes. 

Pinga – Hydroponics (पिंगा – हायड्रोपोनिक्स) : is specially designed for use with hydroponic farming. This model allows user to set ON time ranging from 5 seconds to 10 min and OFF time ranging from 1 min to 999 minutes. This helps users to use Pinga for drip system to. Pinga Hydroponics come with an unique feature of Lock setting, which helps from accidentally change setting.

  • Function / Features / Specification
    • Simple to set times
    • Manual ON-OFF option
    • Option of External control’
    • Option of Three phase control
    • Option to control up to 10 Amp load
    • 4 Digit seven segment display
    • 3 Led’s for Setting, ON time and OFF time
Timer- टाइमर 
Samay – समय