Sahyadri – सह्याद्री

Sahyadri – सह्याद्री is the full feature auto switch from Meghdoot Agro. The Sahyadri comes with single phasing preventer, dry run protection, no-load protection with dry run restart timer. The Sahyadri is suitable for DOL and star delta starter and upto 30 HP of three phase motor load.

One important feature of this product is no load detection and retry which helps to try restarting if starter not able to start motor. User can set dry run % simply by setting on pot. This product is having very simple current setting by just pressing a key while running motor. 

This product comes with settable staring starting timer which can be digitally controlled from 30 seconds to 5 minute as per users need. The main function of these product single phasing detection and protection and dry run detection, protection and auto restart after set restart time. Sahyadri comes with feature of setting dry dun restart from 30 minutes to 7 hours. This comes with bypass facility which helps user to disconnect all protection without changing the wiring.

  • Operates from 270 VAC to 470 VAC
  • Single preventer
  • Dry run detection and prevention
  • Simple to set working current (Press to Set)
  • Dry run % setting from (15% to 50%)
  • No load detection and retry
  • Settable starting timer (30 seconds to 5 minutes)
  • Settable restart timer (30 minutes to 7 hours)
  • Bypass option available
  • Suitable for DOL and Start Delta
Ankur (अंकुर) / Khatka (खटका)
Chatak- (चातक)Aadhar (आधार)