Sanchay – संचय

Sanchay – संचय is a fully water level controller series from Meghdoot Agro. Sanchay available for bore-well, open-well submersible motors, mono-block, jet pumps and direct connection to water pipe with option of single phase (230 VAC) and three phase (415 VAC) supply. On request we also deliver two phase operated single phase motors (required in typical areas where electrical supply conditions are not good).

Sanchay is capable to handle two tank system (typically in corporation area), one tank system (typically for submersible motors) and direct pipeline sensing. Sanchay comes with a maintenance free* level sensing technology which doesn’t require regular maintenance of sensor (like cleaning, adjusting etc). For all of variants it comes with dry run protection (essential and critical for submersible motors), over-current protection and auto restart after these protection.

Sanchay’s level sensing fool-proof algorithm assures that there will not be any false motor command to turn ON or OFF. It monitors both tanks, make sure that the over head tank always remains above lower limits and motor will not start if there is less or no water in lower tank (below lower limit of lower tank).

For bore-well motor, variation of starting time required depending on the depth of bore and hence Sanchay is having provision to set starting time as per consumer’s need and capable to set from 20 seconds to 7 minutes like 20 seconds, 1 minute, 3, 5 & 7 minutes. The load current setting function is very simple. To set actual or running current, simple press to SET is enough to register working current. 

A special version of Sanchy, Sanchay TAP, is available for consumers who are connecting motor to direct water pipe line, usually for pressure sensitive motors. Sanchay monitors the availability of water in pipe and controls the motor to fill over tank.

  • Operates from 180 VAC to 270 VAC – for single phase
  • Operates from 350 VAC to 450 VAC – for three phase
  • Operates for two tank and one tank system
  • Variants available for
    • Mono-block
    • Open-well submersible
    • Bore-well submersible
    • Direct Tap connection
  • Simple current setting – Press to SET
  • Dry run protection
  • Dry run % setting (15% to 50%)
  • Over-current protection
  • Auto restart after protection tripping (OFF due to protection)
  • Settable starting time (20 seconds to 7 minutes)
  • Fully automation level monitoring operation
  • Fool-proof level sensing operation
  • Maintenance free sensor technology
  • Single button operation (Digital control)
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