Water Level Controllers

In everyone’s life, water is an essential element for household. Be it a modern city or rural area, every one need water to store for daily needs. Depending on the availability of water resources, the consumers demands for different type of mechanism to serve their purpose.

In municipal corporation area or in gram panchayat (ग्रामपंचायत) area where water management done by government body, people get water to their home by pipe line and water tap. Due to increase in population and limitation on capacity of water management system, availability of water will be few hours a day. This also gives irregular pressure may leads to use some type of motor to fulfill consumers need.

As per need and availability of resources, people come up with various options like, having two tank system (be it apartment or bungalow) or using a bore-well to satisfy water need. In two tank system, water supplied by corporation will be stored in lower tank and then lifted to upper tank by use of motor. In bore-well system, submersible motor pumps used to get water and stored in overhead tanks. Few cases we saw that, people connect motor or pressure sensitive motors to water pipeline to fill over head tanks.

In any of above situation, Meghdoot Agro have solution to help consumer to make their life easy. At Meghdoot Agro we are having series of products to fulfill above needs. We are having fully automatic two tank water level controllers for open-well and bore-well submersible motors, mono-block and jet pump motors. Product range available for semi-automatic level controllers.

Our water level controllers range are suitable for bungalow, apartments, schools, offices, factory premises, hospitals and wherever there is a need of peace of mind required for water availability.

Sanchay – संचय Gangoti – गंगोत्रीPankya – पाणक्या